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The following is a list of people you should bother if there are any issues on the Wiki that need to be dealt with, like spam, editing a protected page or if you notice something has gone terribly wrong on the wiki. The majority of the time, you'll likely find you need to contact EvilSeph, as he is the person that runs the wiki. Please contact him on the Bukkit Forums by clicking on the link to his nick below. For smaller issues that don't require a server administrator, please feel free to contact any of the Wiki Admins listed below.

EvilSeph - Bukkit Project Lead, Wiki Owner

Wiki Admins:

resba - Docs Team Lead, Wiki Administrator

TnT - Wiki Administrator

Chrisward - Wiki Administrator

lukegb - Wiki Administrator

mbaxter - Wiki Administrator

Docs Team:

Sagacious Zed




Nominated candidates for a Volunteer Wiki Admin position:

Currently we are not accepting general volunteer wiki admin applications.

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